The Vitality of Fan Interaction and Social Media(Social Media Concert Videos)

I remember back not so many years ago(chuckle), the thrill of crowd interaction for me. I remember going to a MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert in Indianapolis, IN. Hey, I was young and they were “IT” at the time. I can imagine we all remember many of our concerts attended! I practically remember all of mine. I remember watching the concert “yes” but, more importantly I remember scanning the crowd, the fans, the venue. Are you like me also? When you go to concerts or night clubs to watch a show or dance to music, do you ever just look around and watch everyone’s reaction to the music, the beat, the artists/band? It’s so AMAZING and Captivating! The energy just draws you in! “I LOVE IT”! For me there’s no better satisfaction! If I wasn’t producing radio and videos for you to hear, I guarantee you I would have been a DJ mixing. I love to watch people react to music. Sound, Audio, along with Music are the core of our existence. Have you ever just noticed how music can bring so many people together. Music is vitality in soul, heart, and emotional connections. That’s 1 of a few reasons why I created Social Media Concert Videos. It was merely a way to just make money or just promote artists. “I mean I gotta eat to live right”? It was a NEW jaw dropping way to mesmerize fans of all genres of music. The greatest reward I’ve received from the creation of my videos was from a lady named “Maria”! She said, ” OMG, I’m so excited to see them in concert in just a couple weeks, I’m getting my tickets now before the sell out”! I was like “WOW”! My video did that? Then it hit me. It wasn’t my video. It was the theatre of the mind Maria had while envisioning herself being apart of the upcoming Coldplay concert in DC. “She was mesmerized with hearing the music LIVE, seeing 1 of her favorite artist/bands LIVE, dancing to a song she sings in the bathroom daily while taking a shower or walking through a store”. It was going to be just her and Coldplay in her mind. It made me so happy that I could help her achieve that feeling.

We are helping all Artists/Bands, Concert Venues, and Radio Stations achieve that same desired goal. Increase your audience and fan interaction while giving the a new and exciting way for them to express the feelings and emotions concerning a memory they’ll never, EVER, forget! Give your audience “Theatre of the the Concert Hall in their mind”… Ghost Imaging LLC and Social Media Concert Videos!

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