“What are Social Media Concert Videos”?

Social Media Concert Videos are a new and innovative way of engaging and interacting across all platforms with your fans/audience.   Best way to explain it is, “A Social Media Concert Video is basically your own personal Concert TV commercial promoting an artists and your brand. “EXCEPT”!  “You have all control over day part scheduling”… “Where” you can promote your brand, “when” you can promote your brand, “how” to promote your brand, “what” your brand is, etc… Yes, your brand is plastered all over every Social Media Platform you have 24-7.  You can post the Social Media Concert Videos Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun at 9am, 11am, noon, 3pm, 7pm 10pm, midnight, and then all over again.  You can post these videos on your Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Socialcam, “your website”, other people or company websites.  How many fans do you have?  Really?  Well, you can do email blast! You can send the video as a text message to your audience or fans!  How many people do you know?  You can share the video with other people or company Facebook pages, Twitter Pages(The Concert Venue, The artists page, Radio Station pages, etc)…  These Social Media Concert Videos are your own personal brand’s TV commercial that you have total control over.  NO MORE PAYING FOR PRIME TIME DAY PART SLOTS!  You do whatever you want to do with your Social Media Concert Video.
“Sponsorships”?  Why should you pay for the entire Social Media Concert Video?  Sponsors want to be seen all the time.  Let your sponsors assist in promoting your brand. Let another Concert Venue assist in promoting your brand. Allow another artists to assist in promoting your brand. Everybody wins with a Social Media Concert Video!
More importantly, you look so good!  You’re now engaging and interacting with your audience in a brand new way. It’s fresh and exciting every time you post a new video. You’re giving them a reason to come back to you for more.  “What’s next”?  You’re giving your fans a reason to “LIKE” you. You’re giving your audience a reason to talk to you. You’re getting them excited about what’s coming up next.
Be that Artists giving your fans a cool “live” visual dress rehearsal!  Be that Radio Station giving your audience a unique pre-sell gift!  Be that Concert Venue giving your fans a “live” visual of what if would be like to attend your concert venue with their favorite Artists!  Be apart of the NEW Social Media movement!

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