Social Media Concert Videos for VO’s…

Alright, so Ghost Imaging LLC has 3 VO’s on board for upcoming SMCV’s.  Special appreciation and thanks to the golden and phenomenal voices of the legendary Pat Garrett, Golden Bee“Tifane Williams”, Mr. Tony Richards, and Storm of Storm 1 Productions. Thanks for your voices on the videos already created and cheers to many, many more.

SMCV’s:  A Social Media mini concert sneak peekaudibly and visibly” branding and marketing an entity across most Social Media platforms. They are primarily used to interact and engage with fans, friends, family, other audience members. They may be sponsored by clients, sponsors, etc…

f you would like to be apart of this new innovative wave and movement that’s already taken off. “All ABOARD”!  Basically, we’re interested in VO’s that have good relationships with Concert Venues, Radio Stations, Sponsors, Nightclubs, or Artitst.  If you’re connected to either, send us an email to get started and receive more information.

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