Ghost Imaging! “A NEW look”…

I’ve enjoyed radio audio imaging and radio production for many years now, “and I still do”!  But, it seems with today’s economy climate that you must have more irons in the fire to make a living and be stable.  I was talking to a good friend of mine earlier.  I was delightful in telling him that I’m not addicted to the radio industry as many are or become.  It can be, especially if you lose yourself in it.  1 thing all veterans know in the industry is that, “You sir or mam can be replaced”!  True indeed!  But, guess what can’t be replaced?  “You”!  You’re 1 of a kind and there’s nobody like you.  “Think on it”!  If you believe in yourself then, there’s bigger and better opportunities to make a living and it’s “a lot” less stressful.  Check out what’s new with Ghost Imaging and “The NEW and improved way to brand radio, artists, and concert venues.  “Social Media Concert Videos”!


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